New Patients

To ensure your first visit to our Palm Bay, Florida, office is an enjoyable one, we've outlined a summary of what you can expect when you meet with our dentist.

Appointment Reminders

It can be easy to forget when you scheduled a dental appointment but now we will remind you with an Appointment Reminder via email or text message.  And if it's your first visit, we'll be happy to provide driving directions. Just click on the link below to let us know how you'd like to be contacted. We'll do the rest!

Appointment Reminder Consent Form

Download the release of records consent form.

Records Release Form

Initial Consultation

We recommend scheduling an initial consultation prior to your first appointment so you can get to know our dentist and staff and ask any questions you may have. This also gives our dentist the opportunity to learn more about your dental health needs and explain any services you may benefit from.

New Patient Paperwork 

If you're happy with your initial consultation and would like to schedule your first appointment, our staff will be happy to assist you. Once your appointment is scheduled, we ask that you complete our new patient paperwork outlining your contact information and dental and medical history. This ensures our dentist has all the information needed to provide you with the highest quality service to meet your needs. If you prefer, these forms can be downloaded online and completed at your leisure to ensure a more efficient appointment. Please click the following link to download our new patient paperwork:

New Patient Form

We also offer patients the option to complete these forms in our office prior to their appointment. We simply ask that you arrive at least 20 minutes early so you have enough time to complete these forms as thoroughly as possible. 

Comprehensive Exam & Cleaning

After reviewing your new patient paperwork and dental health history, our dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums and other oral tissues. This process allows our dentist to evaluate the current state of your oral health and look for areas that require treatments, such as cavities. Following the exam, our dentist will provide you with a professional teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar and protect you from future dental decay and disease.


When your exam and cleaning are complete, our dentist will take x-rays of your mouth to further analyze your oral health. Our digital x-rays allow our dentist to look for cavities deep beneath the tooth surface, damage to the tooth roots and even bone loss in the jaw. The digital format ensures your safety while also making the process more efficient. 

Post-Exam Conversation

At the conclusion of your appointment, our dentist will discuss the results of your exam and x-rays. If any problems, like tooth decay or gum disease, were found, our dentist may recommend follow-up treatments to further improve your oral health. Our dentist will review your treatment options with you and help you select the procedure that will provide you with the greatest benefits while fitting within your budget. You'll receive the total cost of any recommended treatments so you can contact your insurance company to find out how much your plan covers.

Scheduling Follow-Up Appointments

Our staff will assist you in scheduling any follow-up appointments recommended by our dentist at a time that is most convenient for you. If our dentist gave you a clean bill of health, we recommend scheduling your next cleaning and exam six months from now to maintain good oral health.

If you're ready to schedule a consultation with our dentist at our Palm Bay, Florida, office, give us a call at 321-722-0155 today.